What can I do in Põltsamaa castle?

1. Põltsamaa Museum ja Tourist Information Point

+372 775 1390, 529 3307

Opening times:
15th of May – 15th of Sept Mon–Sun at 10.00-18.00
16th of Sept – 14th of May Mon–Sat at 10.00-16.00

Põltsamaa Museum gives an overview of the glorious past of the stronghold, town and the parish. You can order guide service and museum programmes from the museum. Guide service is available in 5 languages: Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish and German.

2. Põltsamaa wine cellar and food museum

+372 5855 6299
Seats: 20+15 +  24

Wine cellar offers wine degustations for smaller and larger groups. You can choose a 3 or 5 wine degustation which is offered with Põltsamaa cheese. You will also get a nice overview of the history of the factory and the products produced nowadays.

Wine cellar rooms can be rented for different occasions. In addition to wine, you can also buy light snacks and coffe. Feel free to enjoy them in the cellar or outside terrace.

The Food museum is located at the same floor as wine cellar. It gives you a good overview about the history of food producing in Põltsamaa, starting with the factory in 1920, while coffee, potato strach and wine produced, and also about Soviet time, while the firts tube food fos cosmonauts was produced.

Wine cellar and food museum are open daily during summer time and closed during winter time.

3. Katre Meistrikoda

+372 551 3147

Katré is an Estonian handicrafts master and a fashion designer. She is inspired by folk costumes and folk art. Her shop at the castle yard offers unique products: bags and different accessories, dresses, reflectors, kitchen textile and many more.

Groups can book workshops and presentations. Katré also takes special orders from individual clients.

The shop is open daily during summertime and open on request during wintertime.

4. Castle restaurant Konvent

+372 522 2584
Seats: 100

You can definitely feel historical vibes in castle restaurant Konvent. The place is suitable for seminar and different events. Groups visiting the castle yard are warmly welcome to dine at the restuarant, pre-booking is requiered.

The restaurant is open only on-request.

5. Kersti Kangrukoda

+372 51 56 980

Kersti has studied to be the designer of Estonian national textile and creates her works in a modern way. You can find several items from the shop: table cloths, pillows, bags, scarfs, carpets etc. Kersti also takes special orders from individual clients. Workshops and presentations for groups require pre-booking.

6. Central-Estonian art gallery pART

+372 5192 5845

Gallery pART  is an extreme gallery built in a loft. There is a new exhibition of professional art in Gallery pART every month. The gallery consists of two parts, has contemporary lighting and a total surface area of 200 square metres. Gallery pART was established by the members of Art Society.

7. Art center – clay, glass and smith chamber

+372 5192 5845

The caly and art chamber are located in Põltsamaa castle cellar floor, spanding on over 400 m2. At one end, there is an art shop, and in the other – a clay shamber. Also, Põltsamaa Arts School operates in these rooms. You will see amazing pieces of art by the students, when you walk through the rooms. Youngsters have also helped with the interior – you will notice their design in mosaics and wall paintings.

8. Workshop of Põltsamaa Handicrafts Association

+372 5561 2312

The goal of Põltsamaa Handicrafts Association is to value, preserve and present handicrafts traditions. They have their own workshop room in Põltsamaa castle, where beautiful hanicrafts items are sold. Workshops for groups require pre-booking.

9. EELC Põltsamaa St. Nicholas church

(+372) 5663 9993, 776 9915

The church was built during Swedish time in 1632 on a cannon tower insdie the walls. The church burnt down July 1941, but was restored thanks to local pastor Herbert Kuurme in 1952.  Altar, pulpit, lights and tower bells (XIX) are from the now defunct University of Tartu church. The organ is made in 1900 and comes from Fr. Sauer factory in Germany. The church also has three stained glassed windows by Dolores Hofmann.

Regular services take place every Sunday. In addition, many concerts are held during summertime and Christmas. During summertime, the church is open to visitors from Mon-Sat. Should you book a guided tour at the castle yard, the guide will always take you to see the church as well, even if it is outside the opening hours.